Nature Conference – Ageing, Health & Rejuvenation – June 23-26, 2019

Venue: De Doelen International Congress Centre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Organizers: Jan Hoeijmakers (Erasmus Medical Centre, The Netherlands), Jasperina Erades (Erasmus Medical Centre, The Netherlands), Joris Pothof (Erasmus Medical Centre, The Netherlands), Judith Campisi (The Buck Institute, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA), Thomas Rando (Stanford [...]

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Cell Symposium on Aging and Metabolism – September 23-25 2018 | Spain

As organisms age, change over time occurs as a layered process, from molecular modifications to shifts in tissue homeostasis, ultimately leading to systemic transformations. Alterations in metabolism are found throughout the hierarchy of change and can be integral to the relationship between aging and disease [...]

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Scientific Conference – Longitudinal Studies – Genome Campus Hinxton

30 May-1 June 2018 - Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, UK Longitudinal studies are ideal tools for studying age-related functional changes, and the development and progression of chronic diseases. This conference will bring together scientists working on studies in childhood, adult and late life to [...]

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2nd International Health & Wealth Conference (IHW 2018)

28-30 October 2018 | Penang Island, Malaysia Health meets Wealth live - IHW is getting shape for Penang “Health meets Wealth” to debate one of the world´s most prosperous and developing cross-section markets of modern community. The 2nd International Health & Wealth Conference (IHW [...]

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European Human Genetics Conference 2018

Milan, Italy  | June 16-19 2018 European Human Genetics Conference 2018 joint with the European Meeting on Psychosocial Aspects of Genetics 2018 Dear Colleagues, The Scientific Programme Committee has again endeavoured to set up an exciting programme at the cutting-edge of current human genetics [...]

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1e Nationaal Ouderen en Voeding Congres

Ede (GLD) - 7 maart 2018 Om langer te leven en om chronische ziekten en beperkingen zo lang mogelijk uit te stellen, is gezonde voeding en voldoende lichaamsbeweging belangrijk. Dit geldt ook voor ouderen met dementie. Echter, zijn er nog veel onduidelijkheden over de wetenschappelijke onderbouwing, de diagnostiek en [...]

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