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Annual-meeting: ‘Integrative Biomedical Ageing Research: from experimental systems to humans’

October 4th 2018 |Scheltema, Leiden, The Netherlands |

The aim of the meeting is to link results from basic and animal research into mechanisms of ageing to opportunities for translational applications. Age is the largest risk factor for most non-communicable and common diseases, for functional decline, multi-morbidity and for mortality. Despite the consistent increase in mean life expectancy in human populations, large inter-individual variability in disease risk is observed in age at onset and progression of functional decline and in the response to interventions. The main question is how to stimulate healthy ageing in humans. Based on scientific insights from observational and experimental studies, we will discuss which interventions can be considered, developed and scrutinized in society and the clinical setting to improve healthy ageing.


This meeting will be an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with colleagues and to showcase the best of biology of ageing research. Do you want to join? Please register.

Our scientific committee is putting together a program and a list of speakers. In addition to an international speaker and senior researchers, we want to offer a platform for young researchers. All researchers involved in aging research are hereby invited to submit an abstract. From these, 4-6 researchers are selected to provide a lecture. The closing date for submitting an abstract is Friday September 7th.

The program includes a poster market. We wish to stimulate scientists involved in ageing research to submit a poster to show their work to the DuSRA-community. There is room for 40 posters. If you wish to participate in the poster marketplease send us your abstract. We have some free spaces, so send your abstract a.s.a.p.

For members of the society, this meeting is free of charge. Do you want to join this meeting without becoming a member? That’s possible by registration for this meeting.

Venue: Scheltema, Marktsteeg 1, 2312 CS Leiden. It’s a 10 minute walk from Leiden CS.

This meeting has been possible by financial support from NWO.