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The Dutch Society for Research on Ageing (DuSRA)

The DuSRA promotes synergy between fundamental and clinical research

Our life expectancy has soared spectacularly in the last two hundred years thanks to improved standards of nutrition, hygiene and medical care. At the same time, there is a large disparity from person to person when it comes to the nature and speed of physiological changes, the loss of function and age-related health risks. Due to the personal nature of ageing, people also respond very differently to interventions focused on healthy ageing and clinical treatment. Innovative research on ageing has been carried out over the last ten years on animal models and people in a broad range of research areas (including cell and system biology, the genome, physiology and lifestyle).

The goal of the DuSRA is to promote synergy between the fundamental and biomedical ageing research being carried out on model organisms and people. By encouraging cooperation between fundamental and clinical researchers, the DuSRA seeks to advance the translation of acquired knowledge into clinical treatments.

The society seeks to:

  • advance research into the causes and effects of ageing;
  • offer a forum for the discussion of research ideas and new developments in the field of ageing;
  • be a point of contact for advice regarding medical and societal questions regarding ageing.

‘Challenges in translational research to promote healthy ageing’

Reports different sessions

Session 1: Healthy ageing in animal models

Session 2: Healthy ageing in humans and clinical research

Session 3: Innovations in translational ageing research


“The aim of medicine is to prevent disease and prolong life, the ideal of medicine is to eliminate the need of a physician.” (William James Mayo)

“Rather than tackling cancer, or dementia, or cardiovascular disease, we should focus on slowing or reversing the single most prominent risk factor associated with all those diseases: AGE.” (Andrzej Bartke, 2016)

“The foundation of the entire health problem is that we no longer challenge our body. If you want to stay healthy, you have to challenge your body. The metabolism should continuously be triggered……..” (Patrick Schrauwen, 2016).